Monday, February 23, 2009

What do you do on a Sunday Afternoon?

Yesterday was a LONGGGGGGGG Sunday. I was sick with a cold and so we entertained/tamed Joshua all day long. This is where the boredom led sometime in the late afternoon!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Surprise!

Mike went above and beyond this year with Valentine's Day! I couldn't believe how much he planned ahead and did to really make the day amazing for me! It started out with a wonderful breakfast of thick french toast, sausage, fruit, and juice. Over breakfast he had a box of Godiva chocolates and a card with appointment cards in it for hair and nail appointments! So- I hurried and finished breakfast and went off to get pampered! It's been a long time since I've gotten to do anything like that for myself- it was awesome! When I came back Mike and Joshua had taken my grocery shopping list and finished the shopping for me and had lunch ready (complete with homemade potato salad- yum!) That night Mike arranged for a sitter and took me on a sunset dinner cruise that left out of Honolulu. We had a buffet dinner, watched the sun go down, saw a whale, and watched live music and dancing! It was so much fun and so nice to have an evening to ourselves! I have the most caring, attentive , amazing husband! I love you, Mike!!!!

P.S. We took some pics of us on the cruise but it was too dark to see us! The one the cruise line took makes me look huge (which I guess I am right now!)- so didn't want to put that one up either!

Getting Settled

We arrived in Hawaii on Jan 20th! It was a long flight- but it was wonderful for Joshua to have his own seat! He did great and we even had several people comment on how well behaved he was! We stayed in temporary housing for 2 weeks before moving into our 4 bedroom house! We were supposed to move into a 3 bedroom, however there weren't any available- so they offered us an older home in an area that they will be tearing down next year with the promise that they will move us into a brand-new house next year. We were totally fine with that! So- we have sooooo much space it's been wonderful! We even have a guest room- so please come visit! Mike and I went a little crazy shopping for furniture- but it's been fun! We will put up some pics soon when the house is clean enough to take them!

First Hawaii Pics!

Mike had President's Day off so we spent the day in Waikiki! Joshua had a blast in the sand and we had to bathe him quite vigorously to get it out of his hair, etc! It was about 80 degrees and the scenery is beautiful! We feel so blessed to be here!