Sunday, April 11, 2010

Newly Refurbished Guest Room

With the guests we have coming in the very near future- we decided our guest room needed some remodeling! Mike's mom and dad gave us this bedroom set to use when we first got married- and we were so grateful! Since then, it's been through several moves and was looking pretty rough. So- we decided to "antique" it! We're thrilled with how it turned out and wanted to put it up here to entice you to visit us! Our good friends Hank and Danica will be here this week, and Aunt Trisha will be coming in May for a while. We're excited to have them and would love other visitors! We'll make sure your stay at the Hotel Barnum is a pleasant one:P

Happy Easter!

This year we spent Easter with some of our good friends! We had crepes for breakfast, watched a special broadcast for church, and came home and had steaks and shrimp for dinner. Joshua also got to participate in an Easter egg hunt with his favorite friends! We then had a yummy carrot cake for dessert. (It was a little more brown than supposed to be but tasted pretty good for my first attempt!) It was a great day!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Updates on Joshy and Chasers

I know- silly me with the nicknames- I'll try and drop them before they start to embarrass them! Joshua is growing by leaps and bounds! He can actually carry on conversations now and is getting so tall! He has been average on the height charts, but at his last visit, the growth line instead of following the curve went straight up! He will probably be tall like his daddy (which we have guessed from the beginning by the size of his feet!)  Some cute things he has said/done as of late:

The other morning when he woke up he came into our room and said, "I need to go to the store to get some more toys, I just need some more toys, otay?"

He randomly sings Happy Birthday to random people.

Whenever we have flies/bugs in the house he says, "I don't like bugs in my house!" (I wonder where he has heard that?!)

He constantly says to Mike and I, Mommy or Daddy, "I Know you" I'm still trying to figure out what that means- because he does tell us he loves us at other times!

He said his bedtime prayers all by himself tonight!

I can't believe he's going to be 3 in July!!!! We're so thankful he's ours.


Chase is now walking!!!!! He took a few steps at a time a few months back, but now he is mostly walking without help! We even went and bought him his first pair of outdoor shoes because he LOVES to be outside with all the neighborhood kids pushing his little walker around.

Chase LOVES to eat.

He started pointing just yesterday, and has been pointing and babbling to things he wants. He is very observant of what we are eating and whether or not he has the same thing. Joshua wouldn't eat his dinner tonight and so I gave him a bowl of cereal. Chase noticed immediately and I ended up putting some cereal on his tray as well!

He is in the process of getting his 3rd and 4th teeth. (kinda late- I think?)

He LOVES his brother, Joshua. He is his greatest source of entertainment. 

He is still our happy, smiley, easy-going boy who, for the most part, loves to take his naps and sleep at night (when his teeth aren't bothering him!) We love him so much!

Easter Boys!

This picture of the boys in their Easter best was too cute not to share! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the cute shirts and ties! Joshua didn't want to look at the camera for the family picture- but the flowers in front of our house are sure pretty!