Sunday, August 22, 2010


Joshua has said some really funny things lately- and my family always tells me I need to write them down- so here a few I can remember.

"Mom, you smell like dog." (after I had told him that earlier in the day after he helped bathe the dog with daddy."

"Mom you are really heavy." (thanks Joshua!)

To Mike the other night as he was putting him to bed, "Daddy, lay down by yourself, with me."

He often tells us things are "too dangerous."

He often ends up in bed with us in the middle of the night- and in the morning he wakes up and says, "Smile mom!"

He does several jobs on his own now including dressing himself, and feeding the dog!  He also loves to help with dishes and laundry. I'm sure that will change:P

"You're not my mother, you're a girl!"

He tends to be shy around new people or large groups of people.

He has so much energy! I wish I could tap into some of it!

He keeps me on my toes all the time. He is so bright and picks up on things and remembers them upon hearing them just once! He also remembers things that have happened very well- and often reminds me of the time I took a wrong turn on the way to church.

He was out playing in his car the other day and asked, " Mom, should I turn right, or the wrong way?"

He gives lots of hugs and tells us he loves us all the time, and told me today, "Mom, I know you love me." It melted my heart.

Joshua is such a sweet, bright, energetic boy and we are so glad he is ours!


SO Here are some of Chase's latest tricks!!! (at 16 months!)

He says so many words right now: Joshua, Mom, dada, dog, Thomas, milk, more, all done, graham cracker, light, nose, eyes, "No!", "Mine", Hello, Bye, Thank you, scriptures, and probably several others but as tired as I am that is all I can remember at the moment!

He is running- it is the cutest darn thing!

He LOVES to do anything his brother Joshua is doing.

He walks around the house with the church hymnal singing and pretending to lead the music.

He loves to feed the dog at mealtime if Mom forgets to put the dog in his room.

He LOVES being outside!! He complains very loudly when mom makes him come inside (unless there's good food involved!)

He Loves to eat. I think he is happiest when sitting at the table enjoying a good meal!

He really likes to read and will even sit and read books on his own for a few minutes at a time- I love it!

He is very friendly and waves to random people and says "Bye". He waved to a truck of landscaping guys the other day as I pulled him out of the car- the guys loved it- it was too cute!

He is very into the "Mine" thing right now- this is early for me- Joshua didn't learn that word until nursery. He even claims his body parts as"Mine" if I am trying to wash his hands or face after a meal, or if I pull his thumb away from his mouth for a minute to put his pajamas on!

He is still an amazing sleeper. He sleeps all night and takes 2.5-3 hour naps during the day. He loves his bed and gladly goes to sleep when we put him in it.

He has 6 teeth, but is getting some more on the bottom at the moment!

He can follow directions without motions. I asked him to put something away in his closet the other day and he did it! It's amazing how much these little ones understand even if they can't say much!

Chase is a Joy- such a bright ray of sunshine in our home- we love you so much Chasers!

Recent pics of the boys

Chase LOVES food- especially chocolate cupcakes!
Joshua in his "Christmas Jammies" the boy seriously loves Christmas and these pajamas. I've caught him sneaking to put them on several times during the day. He tells me they are "cozy" and if we ask him if he's tired he will say "yes, I want to put on my Christmas Jammies" Thankfully I was able to sneak them away tonight for a wash!
Joshua would not look at the camera- he loved seeing Toy Story 3 recently!
Chase is getting soooooooo big! What a little man!
The brothers together!

Oh my what a night!

I haven't blogged consistently in forever, and I feel bad about this, however if I can give you a glimpse of what life is like at times, I'm sure many of you understand!!!!  So Mike had to work today and I decided to make it a housework day as well. The kids and I (haha) cleaned a bathroom, vacuumed the entire house (even the stairs:P) made granola, and then at the end of the afternoon went out to run some errands. We finished up at the grocery store and I noticed as I was putting the stroller away into the car that there were a bunch of spider egg sacs attached the back of the stroller near the handle I had been pushing with (lovely) knowing that we were almost home and not having anything with me that I could remove them with I stuck the stroller in the car. As soon as we got home, I pulled it back out only to realize that not only were there egg sacs but several hatched babies crawling around the sacs ( I immediately ran in for a can of RAID telling Joshua- DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING- but of course upon my return he has my keys and is jabbing at the egg sacs with them. I grabbed them from him and sprayed that sucker (the stroller down) only to my horror does a giant brown spider (the mom) crawl out trying to avoid the fumes. After we killed her, we noticed she had some strange markings on her belly- freaky. The closest picture I think I've found is the brown widow?! Anywho- thankfully there were no bites.

We  hurried in to get dinner on which I thought I had timed out perfectly. I was going to make oven fried chicken for the first time. I even cut up a whole chicken!!! Well apparently I had looked at the recipe wrong and it needed to be cooked longer than I thought, so back into the fridge the chicken went, and out comes the waffle recipe. In the midst of making it, Chase pulls down the egg carton and scatters the empty gooping shells all over the floor. Both kids end up touching the shells and anyone who knows me well knows how paranoid about salmonella I am! So I immediately sent them to wash their hands. As soon as I was done washing Chase's he picks up a spare egg shell we had missed...Back in to wash his hands! I pulled out the mop to mop up the egg mess on the floor. As I go to return it to the closet I notice Joshua standing looking sheepish next to a big puddle- he didn't make it into the bathroom in time- well thankfully I still had the mop out. I finished making the waffle batter but heard some curious crashes coming from upstairs in the boys room. I ran up there to check things out only to find everything from the top of the bookshelf on the floor and Joshua still naked except for a shirt listening to a Thomas story on cd. (He had used the bookshelf to climb to the top of the dresser to turn it on!) Anyway- the night ended with a great meal of Belgium waffles, peaches, and bacon. A close second to chicken, I guess. There are two little angels upstairs sleeping now, and exhaustedly I type away as therapy. Does anyone else have days like this?