Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh daddy!!!!

I have teeth!

Homemade Baby Food

I decided to try and save some money by making my own baby food! I was so excited to feed Joshua what I thought would be a delicious, gourmet, dinner. With much anticipation I awaited the reaction from the first bite! There was some shuttering, gagging, and finally crying as Joshua voiced his displeasure over what had entered his mouth. My first dinner he didn't like! I am sure there are many more to come! Thankfully after a few more feedings he's gotten used to it and doesn't complain as loudly anymore!

Peer Pressure

So I have finally given into the peer pressure of blogging! No- I think I was just scared of the technology involved! Just be patient with us as we try and make our pages look good! Mike and I were just talking about getting back into journaling last night- and we think this will be a great way to do it and keep all our friends and family informed!