Monday, November 16, 2009

Too much pink to handle

Chrissy has had that pink background up on our blog for too long now. I let it slide for as long as I could. I had to take action. I hope everybody likes the new soft blue, instead of that bright pink attacking your retinas. Anyway, that's all I have. We'll post more soon. Bye!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm an Aunt!

Okay- so I was already an Aunt by marriage on the Barnum side- but I am so excited to announce for those of you who know them: Ryan and Meagan just welcomed Brinley Kaethe (pronounced Kay Tuh- Meagan's grandma's name). She was born on Halloween Night and is just precious! Check out their link on our blog to see how beautiful she is! We are so excited for them- and know they will be amazing parents! Brinley is one lucky girl!

Pumpkins, Pirates, Lions and ...Roseola?

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year, probably because my parents made it so fun for us as kids! The only thing missing this year was the cool and beautiful North Carolina fall weather. (yes- I know we live in Hawaii- but we really miss the East Coast and seasons!!!) We had the boys costumes ready to go a few weeks before, sang songs about Halloween, baked cookies, and cupcakes, taught Joshua how to Trick or Treat, and then the week of Halloween- Joshua came down with a fever, then a rash, and the same symptoms repeated themselves with Chase, and Mommy! We thought Daddy had escaped but unfortunately as I write this he is up in bed with the fever and chills. We suspect Roseola? Adults don't usually get it- but we had all the classic symptoms. So Joshua was feeling better in time to Trick or Treat, but Chase was still under the weather, so our night was cut short. We had a great time watching Joshua though! Next year will be even more fun as Chase will be toddling around!

Halloween Chili

Halloween this year was fun, but interesting! We started off the festivities with a ward party including a chili cook-off and trunk or treat. I decided to cook a pot of chili not really for the contest, but just so we didn't come to eat empty handed. To my surprise they awarded my pot of chili 2nd place out of about 20! The funniest part was Mike had carried it in and so they called his name as the winner and wrote his name on the certificate. Oh well- I know who the real winner was:P (Thanks Mom for the recipe!)

China Town

Chase just hangin' out!
Joshua trying to get Daddy to try the Dragon Fruit!
A peek at the crabs

Mike took a field trip with his Chinese class to China Town. He had such a great experience he wanted to take us to eat and see the open markets so we took off a few Saturdays ago and had a blast. We ate at an authentic Chinese restaurant, where Mike ordered in Chinese, and ate lots of things that I probably would have never tried- that were really good! Joshua wouldn't touch even the noodles- we later found out he was getting sick. We walked around the outdoor markets where they sold everything from fresh fish to pigs intestines and blood. Does anyone know why someone would want to buy pigs' blood? Anyway- a very interesting and cultural experience for anyone who comes to visit!

Tree House

I've been meaning to blog about Joshua's cool tree house for months now! Our awesome neighbors, who have since moved away, saw this on the curb with the trash and thought Joshua would really like it- which he does! It's unbelievable the things military people just throw/give away. I let him have lunch in the tree house with his friend Savannah not to long ago- it was so cute to watch! Joshua LOVES Savannah and constantly talks/asks about her and her house! We're glad she and her parents live so close!