Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!!!!

Another 4 years!

Mike recently re-enlisted in the US Air Force! We've been so blessed these last 5 years and look forward to the new adventures the next 5 years will bring! We have been stationed in Monterey, CA and Honolulu Hawaii= no complaints there! This was a poor attempt to take a picture of us right after Mike's re-enlistment ceremony! Thanks for serving our country, Mike, and working hard for our family! We love you!

New rooms and Big Boy Beds!

I hung on to our guest room as long as I could- but since we moved into a 3 bedroom house- it finally had to go! The boys took the bigger bedroom and a friend down the street gave us these great bunk beds! I had fun redecorating the boys room- and Beau's nursery! We still have a few things to do to finish up- but I did manage to get some pictures when they were clean!!!! And- the nursery comes complete with a cute baby!

New addition!!!!

Some of you may know that I play a little piano- not well- but enough for me to have been called to be the primary pianist a few times (those poor primary children!) Anyhow- I love to play- it is a real stress reliever when I actually am able to sit down and play-but I have not had a piano to play since we've been married. I couldn't believe when I saw this beauty on craigslist for 100.00!!! So, Mike and some great guys from church loaded it up on a truck for me and brought it home. Mike spent a couple of hours polishing it for me, and re-covered the bench (which isn't in the picture)- and it looks great! Unfortunately it is not me playing most of the time (see above picture!) Maybe someday I will get some uninterrupted practice time- but then I know I will miss this as well!

Christmas 2011

Christmas this past year was a lot of fun- our 3rd Christmas here in Hawaii! It's hard to believe! Just one more and we will be back on the mainland- which brings mixed feelings:) We took our annual trip to the Honolulu City Lights where the kids rode the train around, and the little kiddie rides, and just as we were getting ready to leave it started to POUR down rain! The boys got lots of fun gifts from grandparents and Santa! I laugh now looking back at Beau's mullet in these pictures! He has had 2 haircuts since!