Monday, May 7, 2012

Chase is 3!!!

A favorite gift- a rescue helicopter (broken the first day and also taken away frequently because it tends to become a weapon:))
Chase LOVES candy- thus a candy cake!
The finished product before we caught him stealing candy and frosting off the cake- multiple times before we actually had his "party!"
Cute boys!
Hey- where's my cake?

Chase!!! We can hardly believe you are 3! The time has gone by so quickly! You were our first "Hawaiian Baby" You have grown so much over the last year. Some of your favorite things are still : CANDY- you frequently wake up asking for candy and there have been several times I have actually caught you eating candy or cookies that you have sneaked before I get downstairs in the morning! You are lightning quick- and will sometimes hide under a table in the living room trying to hurriedly eat your stash before I catch you and take it away:) You are a loving boy- but it has to be on your own terms. If you want hugs or kisses- you will ask for them- you are not so happy with spontaneous loves from your mom and dad, much to our chagrin-but we take what we can get:) You are a very physical boy. Dad tends to think that you will be good at any sport that you try. We have had some trouble the last several months with your temper and hitting- but we are working on it- and I see some maturation on your part when you know that you have done wrong. You LOVE to go outside and drive your "sheep" (jeep) which you are actually great at driving! You continue to love music as well. You idolize your dad and want to copy him doing all his different jobs! You like to help mow the lawn, wash the car, etc. You love your brother, Joshua, and like to mimic him as well. If I ask you what kind of cereal you want in the morning, you ask me, "what is Joshua having?" I have caught you spontaneously hugging your brothers, and Brody- and telling them you love them- it makes my heart so happy! You have eyes that are "to die for" as your Aunt Hayley also seems to think! Another friend of mine joked that it's a good thing you're so cute..... otherwise (when referring to your naughty days:P) You willingly go to nursery, would LOVE to stay at Joshua's preschool every day, are learning to dress yourself, and we are working on potty training- though that is not going so well at the moment! You are independent, and smart- and want to do everything yourself- which can sometimes be frustrating- but is also a great trait to have! We are so glad we are your parents and look forward to the many more years we have to watch you grow into an amazing young man! We LOVE you, Chase!!!! Happy 3rd Birthday Buddy!