Sunday, February 7, 2010


I have been wanting a sand box for Joshua for months now. However, we could never find exactly what I had envisioned and I know we live in Hawaii, but we couldn't find play sand anywhere! Well, this past week we finally found some sand for sale on base, and I asked Mike to build Joshua and Chase a "custom" sand box. I just couldn't see spending 50.00 on a flimsy plastic turtle box. (no offense to anyone who may have one). Well, Mike did an amazing job!!! He's so handy. I love being able to have him build whatever I ask him too. He was even more excited to do the job when I told him he could purchase some more tools to make the job easier (a circular saw, electric sander, and a few other things!) The boys absolutely LOVE it! Both of them have thrown fits at different times when it has been time for baths, dinner, etc. I'm glad we've finally found something to really keep them busy and away from the TV!!!!  Go Dad!!!!!  There was one mishap, as Mike was screwing in the final seat, the wood split and broke, so that seat will have to be replaced, but otherwise all went well! Mike even made a cover for it at my request. (We have lots of birds and cats in our neighborhood!) Hopefully the kids will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.