Friday, March 19, 2010

What's been Goin On!

Well I have been terrible about blogging because it involves consistency- which is a trait I will go to my grave trying to master!  We have had an eventful last few months! The boys are GROWING up so fast! Chase will be 1 next month. He cruises along the walls all day long and will take a few steps at a time but always resorts to crawling for efficiency and speed! He waves bye bye, and we think he says "hi" and "all done" He LOVES his brother, Joshua, as he is a great form of entertainment! Joshua continues to amaze us with his vocabulary and insight. He seems to observe and say things far beyond a 2 year old's comprehension- but we are his parents and are probably pretty biased! We have to try and stay 2 steps ahead of him at all times or disaster is sure to ensue. Just recently we took a trip up to the North Shore to Turtle Beach. It is named this because it is a spot where you can see turtles coming in to sun themselves on the beach. It was really neat to see them up close! I always love going up to the North Shore- it is such a beautiful part of the island! We also spent a wonderful day in Waikiki for my birthday this past week. I woke up to a wonderful breakfast and flowers on the table! After my shower, I came down to find a Kitchenaid mixer on the table!!! (something I have been wanting very badly as of late!)After spending a wonderful afternoon at the beach with the boys we ended the day with Cheeseburgers at Cheeseburger in Paradise- downtown Honolulu and birthday cake! It was a great day! I am old- but so happy with what I have been blessed with in life! Life is good! Here are just a few pictures- we just bought a new video camera and we've been taking more video than anything lately- and I will spare you those!!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More "Joshua-isms"

Our spirited little Joshua has said so many funny/amazing things over the last several weeks and my mom keeps reminding me to write them down- so here it is for documentation and giggles!

Joshua came running from the kitchen into the living room last week yelling, "Mom the fly is not working!, the fly is not working!", after following him to the place- there surely was a dead fly there. Too cute.

Joshua is my bug catcher (the dead ones) he picks them up with a paper towel and throws them in the trash for me! He gets a kick out of me acting all disgusted by the bugs (which I actually am)

I was scolding Joshua for something not to long ago, and in the midst of my little lecture he yelled right into my face, "Happy Birthday To You!" I  had to laugh at his really good attempt to change the subject!

Speaking of birthdays- he is obsessed with them! He can sing the Happy Birthday Song really well and LOVES birthday cake/candles, etc. His 3rd birthday this July should be really fun!

One morning we had some scattered clouds in the sky, and he acted concerned and said, "Mom, the sky is broken." So- we had a little lesson on clouds!

He is communicating so well right now in complete sentences, and sweetly asks me all the time, "Mom, are you okay?" (I think we ask him that a lot) He also asks me if I'm awake, or sick, or tired. It's so sweet. 

He loves to play with friends, and asks to play with them in his sandbox.

He knows all of his colors, most of his letters, and a lot of shapes- most surprising to me are shapes like cones, cubes.  (Thank you

He really likes to be read to, which makes me really happy! He knows many of his books so well if we leave words/phrases out he can complete them.

He still pinches skin (particularly elbows) to comfort himself or when he's tired.

WE LOVE OUR SWEET JOSHUA!  Sorry it this seemed like a bragging post- but I have to document his progress or I'll forget!