Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whale Watching at Makapuu Lighthouse Trail

My friend brought her bird along for the walk, lots of people stopped to ask if she was a pet or a bird in the wild!
A Whale!
Okay, so this was a funny day! We didn't actually make it to the lighthouse because the hike was so steep and my pregnant self in the hot sun had to stop, however, we did see some whales far off in the distance and some beautiful views of the island with great friends! Thanks so much to Christal and Alicia for helping take turns pushing my jogging stroller which had everyone's lunches/coolers, a sleeping Chase, and  Joshua who decided after a few steps he didn't want to walk up the steep hill (I can't say I blame him!) I will definitely try this hike again (when I'm not pregnant!)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Backstep to Valentine's Day

No chocolate until after breakfast, Chase!
My mom always made Valentine's Day such a fun holiday. We always woke up to a decorated table complete with a box of chocolates and other little gifts, and pink pancakes! I have tried to do the same. This year instead of regular pancakes, I made pink crepes filled with strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream! They were pretty good! We took the kids to the mall for some games and shopping (and of course a ride on the mall monorail) and then that night Mike and I had a wonderful friend volunteer to watch the boys for us while we went out! We went to a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you. It was delicious and so nice to enjoy a meal without wiggly boys! Thanks again, Tara!


So I am finally getting around to posting about our new dog. We adopted him last June from another family on base. He is a 70 lb sweet, energetic, Golden Retriever. He is 2 years old and was Mike's dream dog. We saw him on Craigslist, went to meet him, and came home with him that afternoon. I watched how gentle he was around the kids and I was sold. Brody LOVES water as you will see in the pictures below, and as I mentioned has A LOT of energy, which is sometimes good and bad! He is very sweet natured, and has never had an accident in the house! I was so happy not to have to train a puppy! His only vices are perhaps the hair (oh the constant shedding of hair) and his occasional thefts of entire batches of cookies or bread from the counter (yeah- I've learned to keep the kitchen gate closed if we go upstairs even for a minute!) We feel very lucky to be his family!

The Happiest Place on Earth Once Again!

The last week in February our family made a last minute decision to fly to Disneyland for a week! We didn't think it was actually going to happen but Dad got leave, tickets were bought and off we went for an entire week of fun and much needed family time! We stayed just a few miles from the parks in a suite- which was actually pretty decent. We spent 3 days at Disney and 1 at Sea World. It was non-stop fun! The only thing missing was our good friends, The Tolmans, but I'm sure they will join us for our next trip:P Here are some of the highlights in pictures.... Enjoy!
Joshua all ready for the first day at Disney (little did we know we were dressed to freeze!) It was in the high 50's and low 60's the whole time we were there and we've got Hawaii in our blood so that was mighty cold!!!!
Chase all ready for fun!
Horse-Drawn Fire Truck
Joshua concentrating on his driving at the boys favorite ride, Autopia. I think we drove these cars 4 different times in our 3 days there!
Chase couldn't even see over the steering wheel so it was a little scary riding with him (and bumpy) but he couldn't have been a happier kid until...
his mean parents made him get out of the car for the next riders ( I literally had to rip his hands from the steering wheel!)
But don't worry he got to ride again, and again, and....again
Awesome net climbing at park at California Adventure
Gotta have the classic castle picture
Watching how cartoons are made!
Joshua jumping for joy at Sea World

The fun finally got to him
Poor Joshua has recently moved to a booster seat and isn't used to not having sides to rest on like in his carseat- he would fall asleep in the craziest positions
Spoiled kid at Disney