Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Have you given up on me?

Okay, so I've been the world's worst blogger as of late!  I think Mike has given up on me as he kept asking if I had put any posts up as of late, and he finally did the last one on his own! Thanks Mike for documenting some of our life these last several months! As I sent out in emails about Christmas cards, I feel I do have a good excuse being PREGGERS and all! For those who don't know....Baby # 3 is due July 6th! So that makes me 16 weeks already! Crazy that we'll find out what we're having in just 4 weeks! I am just expecting to see little boy parts unless they tell me otherwise, and I'm okay with that! Let's face it, I would love some more estrogen in this house, I mean even the dog is a boy, however, I have boys, I know how to handle them (mostly) and we have all the clothes/toys already. So, whatever the outcome- we will be happy and know that was the little person that was supposed to join our family! We'll keep y'all updated!

As for catching up... well I've missed quite a few holidays, so I thought I would do a quick synopsis for our own journaling- sorry if it bores the rest of you and also throw in a few pictures of the boys! We have finally bought a new camera and so hopefully we will be taking more quality pictures from now on!

We had several friends over to our house for the feast this year. There was so much yummy food and it was really the first big meal I had been able to put down in weeks- so I was a happy girl! We ate, went to see "Tangled" and then came back and ate some more. It was a lot of fun- and it was so nice to split up the menu so that no one was stuck with cooking the entire meal alone!

The week of Christmas we were able to go camping with a few other friends at Bellows Air Force Station which has got to be one of my favorite places on the island! We were quite worried that we would be rained out but the weather was perfect for us! We roasted our dinner over the fire that night, the kids loved running around with glow sticks (thanks Kecks!) We made S'mores and then stayed up talking until late. Joshua and Chase did great sleeping in the tent. The next morning our kids were up before sunrise (of course) so Mike took Chase to the beach and they watched the sunrise their while Josh and I cuddled some more in the tent! We then had a delicious dutch oven breakfast!!! (Thanks for the recipe- Tolmans!) All in all it was great fun! We would have liked to have stayed longer but we had a fun dinner party that next day that we needed to get home for!

Our Christmas festivities included going downtown the to the city lights festival, fun games with friends, progressive dinner, and kayaking on Christmas Eve!

Christmas day was pretty relaxed the boys had fun opening their presents and Mike was surprised with a Playstation 3 from Chrissy! I also received some wonderful gifts including a professional massage- which was wonderful! Christmas here is pretty weird. As Mike posted, the boys got a pool for Christmas and it was hot enough to use it right away!!!!! I miss white Christmases , but I think I would be longing for this weather again after a few days of cold!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun in the Sun

A few days after Christmas, the honeymoon between the boys and their new toys was pretty much over, and they needed something else fun to do.  Luckily, Santa left a family gift just for this occasion.  Here are some pictures of Josh and Chase enjoying the Hawaiian winter weather.