Friday, October 9, 2009

More Cute Footage of our Chase

Seriously Cute Boys!

Joshua had some friends come over and ask if he could play for the first time!


Before (you can't tell from this picture but he had a SERIOUS comb-over)

Chase had his first haircut the other night and he looks like a different kid! I had noticed that underneath the last bit of his shiny black hair, was light blonde hair- and had wondered if his brown hair would grow back in- Nope don't think so! Maybe one of our kids will look like Mike! So far they seem to be favoring my side of the gene pool! I'm so grateful for Mike and his barber skills- he saves us so much money and does a great job!

Halloween Fun!

Each Monday night we have Family Night and this week we decided to bring in some Halloween Spirit! We started off the night by allowing Joshua to help "make" some pumpkin cookies for the neighbors, we then sang some songs and put together a cute plastic pumpkin that Grandma Briggs sent. Joshua was so much fun! He even took cookies next door to our neighbors all by himself. We decided to have him take some to the neighbors on the other side of us as well, however, he dropped the cookies before he made it to the door. Oh well, those neighbors are the ones who have woken us up with music and laughter at all hours of the night. I don't feel too bad that they didn't get cookies:P