Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome to the world... Beau Christian Barnum!!!

Beau arrived at 10:40 PM on Saturday, June 25th. He was 8 lb 2 oz and 21 in long (which we later found out that he was only about 20 in because 2 different offices a few weeks later said he was just over 20in). It's quite a fun birth story to tell:

My mom and Hayley arrived from Chicago the week before he was born. He wasn't due until the 6th of July, so we thought we would have some time to sightsee and visit- so, I went to my regular appt on the 25th and the midwife even offered to sweep my membranes (I was 38.5 weeks at this point). I declined and told her we wanted to do some more activities with my family- but I would take her up on it the following week- to which she replied, " If you're still pregnant!" I really didn't think I wouldn't be- so the following morning, Mike asked if he and a friend could go to the beach for a swim. I wasn't showing any signs of labor and didn't think I would- so I told him to go ahead. So off he went without a phone, or car (he rode his bike). Well probably 20 minutes passed after he left and I had my first "real" contraction while standing in the kitchen after breakfast. I immediately panicked because Mike wasn't home and was unreachable by phone. I have heard so many people's horror stories of delivering 2nd and 3rd babies in the car, at home, etc. So, I flew into gear. I also wasn't packed or anything for the hospital ( thankfully I at least had diapers thanks to a baby shower, and had washed some of the baby's clothes). My sister, Hayley, offered to drive to the beach to notify Mike. So she got there and told the lifeguards who then got on their megaphones and yelled, " Mike Barnum, you're having a baby!" He rushed out of the water, and drove home. When he got in the door he immediately put his stopwatch on and started timing my contractions for me (so sweet!) We were out the door and to the hospital by about 10:30-11:00 ( my first contraction was at about 8:30). We got there without delivering in the car and my contractions were still irregular so they had me walk around the hospital for 2 hours and come back. I was literally running up and down stairs trying to get things moving along:P It worked! When they checked me again I was dilated to a 5 and having contractions every 2-5 minutes, so they admitted me, broke my water, and told me it probably wouldn't be too long- how wrong that was!!! I got my epidural around 3:30. Oh the epidural- that's a whole other story...

This being my 3rd epidural, I immediately knew something wasn't right. First of all- it took FOREVER to administer. I also kept having shocks go down my legs, and just a whole lot of "readjusting" with the wire or whatever they use. So, when he finally finished, I was still feeling contractions- to which they told me it would take a few minutes- well - it never really did work. They just kept coming in and administering lidocaine. At one point they told me they had given me enough to have a C-section, and I could still feel my legs and contractions (though at this point they were bearable- thankfully!) So, I dealt with a bum epidural and also was taking FOREVER to dilate!!!!! I kept wondering what the holdup was with this 3rd kid! Thankfully the midwife when I was 9 cm finally realized that the previous midwife on shift had not broken my water entirely! Apparently there are 2 sacs they have to puncture and she only got the outside one!  The things you learn- I didn't know this before. Anyhow- I finally made it to a 10 after that and was able to start pushing- and pushing!!! I probably pushed for about 15 minutes and felt A LOT more than I wanted to!  He was finally out and Mike actually got to catch him! It was too cool! I should mention too, my mom was there for the birth and was a huge support in getting nurses attention and so forth for us! I'm glad she was able to see Beau come into the world! I was also glad he was out! He cried a lot more than my other babies have when he came out, and was the biggest so far! They even think he was only 37 weeks gestation because he was still covered in the cheesy coating. So, thank goodness I didn't go full term or he may have been HUGE! I didn't feel very well after delivering, but I just thought it was because of all the pushing I had done to get his little round head out! We spent the next 2 days recovering and enjoying our sweet little boy in the hospital. He was born with a full head of dark hair just like the other two boys and looked so much like Chase- we kept calling him that by mistake!

We were released on Monday morning, the 27th, and unfortunately would be making subsequent trips back to the hospital. I realized after a few days that my headache from "pushing" was not going away, along with back and neck spasms that sent me to bed flat on my back with a heating pad. We finally realized I had spinal headaches due to the lovely anesthesiologist leaving a huge gaping hole in my spinal column so that all of the fluid was leaking out before getting to my head! It was the most excruciating pain to which the only relief is to lie flat on your back (and who can do that with a newborn?) Anyway- thanks to a wonderful anesthesiologist back in Labor and Delivery, I was able to get a blood patch. That is where they put a vile of your own blood back into the same spot in your back and it clots up the whole. It cures the headaches INSTANTLY!!! I was so grateful to be feeling good again so that I could take care of my baby and family! I tell this in this much detail because Mike also had these headaches and suffered through them. A lot of doctors are hesitant to the the blood patch -they will just pump you full of narcotics until your body heals itself (which can take days or weeks!!!) So- if anyone reading this has this happen- insist upon a blood patch immediately!!!!!

So- now we are home. Beau is month old and a wonderful baby! We are so glad he is here. I have so much to catch up on with birthdays, holidays, and family visits- and I will- I promise!!!! It is just a balancing act right now and I am so behind on the blog- it seems like a huge task- but we'll get there! Life is good! More pictures and updates to come! The last pic is 2 days before I delivered! We took my mom and Hayley to Sharks Cove to snorkel- I even snorkeled with my big belly because I knew it would be a while before I could do it again! It was a blast!!!!