Monday, October 24, 2011

Catchin up a little!

So this is kind of a random assortment of pics- but I thought the colors in these pics was just so gorgeous! This was some beach time the week before Beau was born- and thus a VERY prego me! This is the same beach as well where Mike was the day the lifeguards called him out of the water to tell him I was in labor!

Bellows- Labor Day Weekend

Beau's first trip to the beach! The first feel of sand between his toes! 

We found this great spot that is super shallow for the boys to play in - and they had a blast!!! Not many boys are so lucky to have Hawaiian beaches as their playground:P We are so blessed to have had the experience of living here!

Boys picture session

Joshua at 4! What a great big brother and helper he is!

Sweet Beau! 4 months and loves to eat his hands!

Trying to get 2 year old Chase to sit still for pictures- nearly an impossible feat!

Victory finally! Look at all those handsome boys! My sweet friend, Paula, gave me these shirts at Beau's baby shower! They have been so fun! If you had asked me 6 years ago if I thought I would have 3 little boys in that time I wouldn't have believed it- but I wouldn't trade my crazy, busy, sometimes maddening life with these 3 for anything! I am so blessed (and will hopefully one day have lots of fun daughters-in-law in my life- or at least a girl dog:P)