Monday, September 17, 2012

Joshua's 5th Birthday

Joshua turned 5 this past July! What a big year for him starting school and all- see post below! We went to the splash park in the afternoon with some friends and had cake when dad got home later that day. Joshua was so excited to get his Transformers bike! We love you so much Joshua!!!!

Joshua is a Kindergartner!

I can't believe our little boy has started school!  He was so excited about everything- it is so fun to see his enthusiasm about everything in life! I can't help but smile in gratitude every time I talk with him. He exudes so much innocence and sweetness! He is one of the top students in his class and just loves to learn! He is constantly surprising us with the facts that he can rattle off to his dad and I. He comes home with prizes from the prize box every day for good behavior and has 2 loose teeth! He is growing up so fast.Life is busy now that we have a child in school- but it is so fun to see him learn and grow! He is such a good big brother,and so responsible!! We just love having him in our family and can't wait to see the great things life has in store for him!

Beau's 1st Birthday

The Birthday Boy and Joshua:)

Beau's best friend, Elsa, who is just 5 days younger than him!

A fun surprise from Mimi.

I'm ashamed to admit he had eaten birthday cake quite a few times before his birthday- but he still enjoyed every bite!

Playing with a ball from the fun tents that Elsa's family gave him!

Cute Chase