Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I was thinking the other day of all the cute things that Joshua does and how much I have enjoyed our "one-on-one time together over the last 16 months! These are some of the things that make me smile!

1. Joshua loves to use the word "hot" he places his hand over anything we give him whether it's a plate of mac and cheese or a bowl of ice cream.

2. He LOVES fruit- he will try any kind and loves any kind he's tried.

3. He shakes his head violently when we offer him vegetables. We've gotten him to try them a few times when we all eat them at the table and exclaim "yum-yum" however this does not work if it is anything green.

4. He walks around singing at random times!

5. When he is getting in trouble for something he wraps his arms around my neck and says " I yuv you" (This is probably my favorite right now) He already knows how to butter me up!

I love being this sweet little boy's mom!

My Quirks

So- I received my first tag- I think?! Thanks Danica! Here are some of the quirky things about me.... I hope you still want to be my friends!

1. I rub my feet together to fall asleep (weird- I know)
2. I am a Celine Dion fanatic. I know the words to every song and have almost every cd- she just came out with a new one I'm itching to buy.
3. I'm also a Mary Higgins Clark fanatic- I've read every book- and I never figure out who it is until the end- I guess I'm a little slow:P
4. I can't eat cake and ice cream together- I like to enjoy them separately at separate times!
5. I like to go fishing- but I don't like to touch the worm or the fish after I've caught it!
6. I sleep with one eye open. This has freaked Mike out on many occasions! I had surgery on my eyelid when I was 4 and the muscles were cut in my lid. So- the lid doesn't stay shut after I've fallen asleep- it just kind of "pops" open!

I tag Lindsay, Meagan, Miken, and Jenn

My Little Bump

This is a picture of my little bump- which feels much bigger than it actually looks in the picture! I am in my 18th week. We will find out what the baby is on Dec. 23rd! We're really anxious to know! I am feeling a lot better, and have been feeling little baby kicks here and there! They feel like "dainty" kicks- but we'll see!

Bad Hair Day

Joshua was waking up way too many mornings looking like this! So- I decided it was finally time for a haircut! (Mind you this is his 3rd one!) The new style is so much easier to deal with! Joshua did well getting it cut as he munched on smarties the whole time!