Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A sneak peak!!!

A friend of ours took family pictures for us and here are a few of our favorites! We haven't had family pictures taken since we've been here- and I wanted beach pictures- so here they are ! More to be seen in Christmas card form!

Days like these....

On days like today- I have to vent a little. I just recently had a conversation with a friend where we discussed how a lot of the "blogging" world is not real life. Well- here it is today- real life for the Barnum Family! I need to get some of this out- so I can look back and laugh at the day later and realize that I have accomplished something!

All three boys slept until nearly 8AM- this is usually unheard of at our house. So- one would think that they would be in exceptionally good moods right?! WRONG- I have had the grouchiest 2 year old today. I have been hit, yelled at, and had the remote control thrown point-blank at my face. Needless to say he has spent much of his time in time-out in his room, and is now napping(I asked him to please wake up nice again) we'll see if it happens!

The baby has been especially cranky today as well. I couldn't even get myself completely ready for the day- which really doesn't even take that long! He is especially sensitive to noise when he is tired or not having a good day and poor thing-the blowdryer was just too much for him today- the whole 5 minutes of me drying my hair was him screaming his little heart out- I'm such a mean mom. I didn't even get to straighten my hair- because I couldn't bear to listen to anymore screaming! By this time we spent a little time outside (I'm so grateful for Hawaii weather being beautiful and perfect nearly every day so that we are able to get out when we need it~! So after a few peaceful moments of play outside- it was time to take Josh to school. I got all the kids ready to go and out in the van. (oh yeah- have I mentioned I drive a minivan now- yep! I'm officially a "Mormon Mom!"). Anyway- the van wouldn't start. So- realizing the battery was dead- Joshua was not able to go to school today. So- I did get a chance to do my visiting teaching and enjoyed chatting with my good friend for a few moments. Lunch was then served, and cranky children were put to bed so I could deal with my 200.00 cellphone bill complete with overage charges and a Christmas gift that arrived that I paid 3.00 for and 20.00 to ship. Happy to report both things were taken care of! Oh- yes- and the dog did get a bath today- so there it is- it is 3:00 in the afternoon and this has been my day. Somedays I feel like there
could be circus music being played as a background to my life! It is crazy but I do try and remember to be joyful in the craziness of it! I hope everyone else had better days!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grandma's Visit and Halloween

Mike was out of town for his best friend's wedding for a few weeks in October, so I was blessed to have my mom here to help- and help she did! My mom is non-stop! I would feel guilty for sitting down because she never just sat- if she was sitting she was folding laundry! I am so grateful for her and all the help she gave me and the fun time that she showed the boys! They love cuddling, playing with, reading with, singing with, Grandma! They can't wait for her and Grandpa to visit again! Here are some fun pics from her visit and Halloween!

Chase's 2nd Birthday (back in April:P)

Chase's 2nd Birthday this year was so fun! He totally knew what was going on this time! He LOVES music so he received a set of musical instruments from Grandma and Grandpa Briggs, and a ukelele from Mom and Dad along with a scooter and bubble machine. We went to Chuck E Cheese's for games and then came home and had pizza and watched a movie (if my memory serves me correctly:P) We are so happy to have Chase in our family. He is definitely a big presence in our home. He has A LOT of personality. We do think that he will do amazing things with music someday. He loves anything to do with music, instruments, dancing etc. We can take him to the toy store and those are the only things he cares about while we are there. We are running out of children's instrument ideas to buy him:P Now we just need a real piano. Each time he comes home from a friend's house and we ask him how it was, he always tells us what kind of instrument they have at their house, first. Chase is fearless- which promotes much fear in Mom and Dad, especially at the beach or pool. He is very social and loves nursery at church. He is also obsessed with vacuums and lawn mowers- not sure why- but we have caught him on several occasions mimicking the movements of the dads out mowing the lawns around us with his little bubble mower. He still sucks his thumb when he is tired and still sleeps with his beloved, and now ragged, "lamby." Despite his 2- year old stage (and all that comes with it) when he is done telling us "don't say those words" or to "Go Away" he also tells us he loves us and wants hugs and kisses. He even in the midst of a tantrum sometimes screams "hold, and "hug and kiss" as if he knows he can't control his sometimes psychotic behavior:P We are so happy you are 2 Chase and that you are in our family! We so look forward to all of your accomplishments and all the joy you will continue to bring our family as you grow up!

I think he had just stuck his finger in the frosting! I decided to do a candy cake- because well, Chase LOVES candy.  (Not that we give it to him very much:P)

Birthday Breakfast (donuts) hmmm... noticing a trend here- it couldn't be these are some of mom's favorite things.... no definitely not...

Playing with the musical instruments that Grandma and Grandpa Briggs sent.