Friday, April 18, 2008

Big Sur

We took a family hike in Big Sur last weekend. These pictures are classic.

Oscar got a little tired.

Beautiful Boy

Cruisin! What?


I tried to put up a few videos tonight and it seems there is something wrong with the blogger site- has anyone else found this to be the case? Or is there just some user error going on?!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh Deer!

I looked out our side window and a huge deer was staring in! This is a common occurrence here in Monterey (to see deer everywhere). I thought it was particularly funny that this one chose our yard and then proceeded to walk down the center of the street!

Sweet Josh!

Joshua is 9 months old today! He went in for his well baby check and unfortunately hasn't been very well this week! He has had some kind of virus that has affected everything! I have changed so many poopy diapers this week- I feel like we are back in the newborn days! The doc okayed Benadryl so we will see if that helps clear up his cough. He also has 4 new teeth coming through on the top! Poor little guy! He has been a pretty good sport despite all his ailments! We have been a little worried about his growth these past few months. All the other babies have passed him up (even the younger ones!) The doc said he is fine he's just "petite." His height is in the 25th percentile at 27.5 inches and he weighs in at just 16.5 lbs- 10th percentile. I relayed these growth statistics to Mike over lunch who very seriously asked, "He's not a midget or anything though, right?!" (classic) Anyway- we are so glad that he is a part of our family! I will put more pics up when he's feeling better!

Happy Birthday Mike!

Mike's birthday was yesterday! We celebrated with sushi and potstickers and a motorcycle cake! I was pretty proud of that cake! We finished the night off by watching Top Gun- one of Mike's all time favorite movies!

A Man and His Motorcycle

So after many heated arguments/discussions I finally agreed to Mike purchasing a motorcycle. I guess it was seeing him looking at the motorcycles. He was like a kid in a candy store. He has been working so hard for our family, and I knew this would make his year! He has promised to only use it as transportation for work and for driving a little around town. No highway driving! I have a car every day now, and the motorcycle gets 50 miles to the gallon- so hopefully that will help with the rising CA gas prices! Here is the video of Mike showing off his bike that I PROMISED I would put up tonight!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Belated April Fools Day to the Barnums!

Mike and I have had the worst day ever as far as Murphy's Law things go. We thought we needed to journal this, because it is just unbelievable what has gone on today- and thankfully we are starting to laugh about it. I wonder if we prayed for patience last night and just didn't remember:P Here is a catalog of our day:

8:30 Mike went to the DMV a half-hour early to beat the crowd.
9:00 Mike returns home because they won't accept his credit card they only take debit cards ( he doesn't have one because we just switched banks).
9:30 Mike is back at the DMV and is just getting ready to hand the cashier Chrissy's debit card when Chrissy calls him on his phone and asks him why the debit card is still sitting on the table.
12:00 Mike fails the Motorcycle Drivers License test (reason he is there)
12:30 Mike finally leaves the DMV license in hand. (thankfully he was able to retake the test)
1:00 Chrissy and Mike are getting ready to go and run errands and after looking at their online bank account realize that their car payment was taken out twice for the month!
1:30 Refund check won't be out until it is time to pay the car pymt again.
2:00 Trip to Walmart for diapers (they're cheapest there)- They are COMPLETELY out of Joshua's size.
3:00 Trip to Police Dept for Mike to get his base stickers to ride his motorcycle on -post. They won't accept his temporary registration and tell him he will have to wait 90 days or get a visitors pass (which of course we opted for)
3:30 Stop at Blockbuster for free rental (we got this the other night when we got home with a movie and there was no disk). When Mike got to the counter they said we had missunderstood- they just didn't charge US for the new disk they put in when we went back to exchange it that same night.
3:31 Chrissy laid the smack down in BLockbuster and they supposedly have credited our account for a free rental. (we'll find out next time:P)
5:00 Mike opens up the motorcycle cover we purchased at Walmart and instead of a motorcycle cover inside the box there is a dirty/hole-filled beach towel.

Well it is 5:14. The day isn't over- thankfully these are not major things- but they are enough of an annoyance that we have decided to call it a day. We are thinking pajamas and a movie and bed early. Thankfully we get to start again anew tomorrow! Hope everyone else's days were better!