Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy Joshua

As Joshua nears 2, we can't believe the changes in him on a daily basis- he's definitely not a baby anymore- but a growing boy- which makes me sad and happy at the same time since we'll have a baby again in just a few weeks! Here are just a few examples of the things our sweet boy is doing:

He's starting to put words together like" Where my momma?" (Mike had taken him to a different part of the store while shopping!)

He won't cuddle in the mornings with us anymore, he immediately wants to get up and really likes to watch "MOOOOOOOOVIES" (I'm trying to make sure that he's not a huge TV junkie so I've been trying to limit TV and movies to when Mom is showering, etc. However, since Josh has decided his new wake up time is 6Am, I don't mind dozing on the couch while he watches Sesame Street!

He drinks the milk out of his cereal bowl (see picture!)

He climbs on everything!!!! (see picture) I came around the corner the other day- he was seriously only out of my sight for a minute or two!

He wants to sit in a regular chair like Mom and Dad- we bought him his own little booster seat and most of the time he refuses to sit in it- so I am 9 months prego cleaning macaroni and cheese off of the floor (hey- choose your battles though right?)

The other morning Josh noticed Mike and I had left some bowls on the coffee table- without being asked he took them into the kitchen and put them into the sink!

That's all I can think of at this late hour- but we love our little guy!!! We're so glad he's part of our family!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guest Room

For those who decide to visit- this is where you would stay! There is a dresser and TV/DVD player in the room- you just can't see them! We hope to have many visitors!

Joshua's Room

The rooms are so small it is hard to get a good angle for a picture- here are just a couple of corners of his room! We debated with putting him in a toddler bed before the baby arrives- and with his escape skills and smarts we decided he's just not quite ready! Thankfully we found the nursery furniture in the new baby's room at such a steal!

Master Bathroom/Boys Bathroom

There's one more bathroom downstairs- but it pretty much looks the same as these!

The Master "suite"

Here are some pics of our new bed and dresser! We had been using some furniture that Mike's dad and Sue generously gave us- but it was great to choose some of our own after being married for 3.5 years!

New Baby's Nursery

We found this brand-new nursery furniture at a steal! We were so excited we couldn't take it up to the checkstand fast enough!

Family/Dining Room

Our House

We've had several requests to put up pictures of our "new" house. As I stated in a previous post these houses are due for demolition next year- so I won't show you the outside of where we are living for you would probably fear for our safety if you didn't know we lived on an Air Force Base! Can we say ghetto??? Anyway- we are very happy with our new place- we don't have much up on the walls- we went from a 700 square foot, 2 bedroom apt to this 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath place with more than twice the square footage! So- it will take some time and money to decorate! We'll start with the...Kitchen!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today was the big 3-0 and Mike made it really special for me! Since today is Sunday, we went out to The Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki last night and had an amazing dinner! Today has been very relaxing. Mike let me sleep in, made me lunch, made a fabulous cake, and got me some great presents! I had asked for work-out clothes/accessories for after the baby is born. He was a little nervous to buy me these things- in fact- his buddy told him not to-but I'm glad he didn't listen! I really wanted some great clothes to get back into shape! Thanks Mike for making it a special day! The cake has a picture of a stick figure runner on it- and it tasted fabulous! Hopefully I'll look more like a stick figure in a few months!!!

My Growing Belly (and Face!!!)

I have a hard time posting pregnancy pics because I feel like my face gains more weight than my belly! So in the next few weeks you just might see some headless shots! Here I am at almost 35 weeks!!! I'm ready to have this baby! Grandma Briggs arrives on April 11th- the baby is due the 20th. We're hoping he's a little early so that grandma gets to see him before leaving for Stuart's wedding!!! Wish us luck!

Visit to the North Shore

Mike, Joshua, and I took a drive up to Laie yesterday to the temple grounds/distribution center. The temple is closed unfortunately for the next 18 months for renovations but we were able to see the grounds and take some pics. Afterwards we stopped along the shore and had a picnic just before it started to rain again!

Putting Two and Two Together

Joshua has realized that if he takes things and turns them upside down he can use them to stand up on and get to the counters/table/etc. He's surprised me a few times while I've been cooking! I caught him in his room the other day with his little Clifford chair pulled up to his dresser and he had turned his cd player on. Terrible Two's Here We Come!!!!! Are we ready?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bike Buddies

Mike has been taking Josh on bike rides in the afternoon! He absolutely loves it! He goes out and sits in his trailer even when Mike's not here! It's also nice for me to have some quiet time to myself! Don't they look handsome in their helmets???!!!


We are so proud of Mike for being promoted BELOW THE ZONE!!!! For those who may not be Air Force savvy (spelling?) This means that he was promoted to the next rank of Senior Airmen several months before he was supposed to be. He submitted a competitive packet before Christmas and we found out a few weeks ago that he and just a few others received this honor!!! What it means for us... A raise (yay!) more stripes for Mike and title change, and it looks really good in his military file as it will provide other opportunities for success in the future! Way to go Mike ---- We are so proud of you!

Gotta Love Enrichment!

I Love Enrichment! Okay- these are words I never thought I'd say! Those who know me (especially college roommates and such) know that I never wanted to go to enrichment. It wasn't until I was asked to serve on the enrichment committee in Monterey, that I really developed a love for enrichment night! It is such a fabulous time to get to know other women on a more personal level than just on Sundays! Anyways- that's my plug for enrichment for now. At this particular meeting I learned how to garden using containers and how to do a basket weave on a cake! The lady that taught the cake class made about 25 of these cakes! I couldn't believe all the work she put in- and Mike was very excited that I got to bring home the finished product!